Your Equipment May Not Be Covered on your Home Policy!

You’ve just invested in a new Tractor with several expensive attachments. Don’t assume that your homeowner’s policy will provide automatic coverage! The standard Home policy is not designed to insure home/farm machinery or farm liability. It may contain exclusions for tractors and farm equipment based on Horse Power, Value and Use. Tractor Protect is designed specifically for this job.

Protect Your Homeowner’s Policy Discounts!

Broad Package Coverage

The standard Tractor Protect package policy provides a competitive rate, a lower standard deductible, an automatic liability extension, all risk coverage, and replacement cost claims settlements on your machinery for any piece purchased new within five years.

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Tractor Claims

Fast and Fair Claims Service

In the event you do have a claim, many insurance policies provide only actual cash value coverage, and the insurer can depreciate the value of your unit based on its age, condition, and life expectancy. The Tractor Protect policy provides replacement cost coverage for five years, and claims are handled by a knowledgeable professional who knows and understands the value of your tractor and equipment. As your Hometown Broker, we are here to assist with your claim 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Make a Claim

Protect Your Homeowner’s Policy Discounts!

If you have a Tractor claim on your Homeowner’s policy, your claims free discount will likely be removed on the entire policy and the premium will be increased for up to five years. By arranging stand alone coverage with Tractor Protect at a great rate, your Home Insurance rating will not be affected in the event of a claim.

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Duliban Insurance Brokers

Service from your Hometown Broker

Tractor Protect is serviced by Duliban Insurance Brokers, your “Hometown Broker” since 1976. We insure Rural Ontario and we do it well!

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